Philanthropy shows you modesty, encourages you to gain the correct point of view, helps other people learn, you can offer back to the network, comprehend the essentialness of little signals and so forth. A name unequivocally connected with philanthropy is mariyam Dawood, she runs a few beneficent associations.

Mariyam Dawood

About Aga Khan University

Situated in the Karachi, the Pakistani Province of Sindh, the Aga Khan University and its clinic are the main foundations in medicinal research. Adding to the movement of Pakistan’s national human services, the researchers at Aga Khan have a focal task to carry out in improving national wellbeing. Bearing the craft of learning as a key column in their endeavors to add to the advancement of the general public, the researchers have taken an interest effectively to Pakistan and its therapeutic improvement. With considerable assets from Bashir and Mariyam Dawood, the medicinal program at Aga Khan University Hospital has taken off to higher statures. With the incorporation of cutting edge neurological hardware, coordinated working rooms just as and another refractive laser suite, AKH has been shot to the bleeding edge of restorative research.

A World-Class Learning Facility

The Center for Innovation in Medical Education is the top-level establishment for social insurance experts.  CIME has obtained a top-scored suite of restorative instructive offices with computer-generated reality innovation and genuine situations to encourage hands-on figuring out how to instruct understudies to think and react quickly and learn in hazard-free circumstances.  Mariyam Dawood Building suits howdy fi test systems, showing spaces, and master medicinal learning conditions. These best in class pleasantries are helped by the top of the line interchanges innovation. This permits medicinal specialists from all around the world to take part in class dialogues and enhance the nature of training.